Saturday, June 2, 2012

Possibility of Losing My Reputation

I know cars because we’ve been in the car business
for thirty plus years. People often come to me

for advice about a car - what kind runs the best
and has good resale value. I enjoy being helpful.

I, in turn, ask my husband what he thinks about it
then relay that information. People from all over ask me

if so much money is a good deal for such and such a car.
I’m glad to help them with the answer as soon as I can.

Sometimes the questions are one on one and I’m forced
to give my own opinion on the spot. I think there is the possibility

I might lose my reputation, so I let them know this is just
my opinion. I prefer the beige cars but the white ones
are really nice, too.


Mary said...

I'd trust your husband's answer in a heartbeat.

As for beige or white cars, I prefer something with a bit more color.

Peggy said...

LOL Judy. Love this honesty. Is this a prose poem?

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Judy, this cracks me up. My first car was a big old white '62 Volvo Sedan. I bought it in 1975 and drove it until a nun rear-ended me doing 70 and I was at a stop light. If I hadn't taken my foot off the brake... and if I hadn't been in a HAND-MADE Volvo (all hand assembled in those days), the officer said I would not have lived. Oh, and isn't the title "Losing"? Or maybe you're being wicked, in which case it should be "Loosening" ha ha ha. Love, Amy

Judy Roney said...

Thank you,Amy, for the catch. I hate to appear stupid to too many people (it's ok amoung friends. LOL). I always do that with losing and loosing. Glad you drove the handmade Volvo back in 75. I know they have a safety reputation. I'm glad it was white, too. ;)

Judy Roney said...

Mary, I've been told I can't say my favorite color is white because that is not a color. :)

Judy Roney said...

Peggy, I think 99 per cent of my poetry is prose poems. I do like to branch out though. :)