Thursday, June 21, 2012


I wish there wasn’t a father’s day
Or mothers day either.  People talk
about their parent, now passed away--

oh, how great he was, how much they gave,
what a loving mother she is. This brings
a sadness I can’t locate.  A longing.

I get lost in my thoughts, left out,
but I tire quickly of my self-indulgence.
I follow my thoughts to my reality.
I think what a good dad
my kids had and have. How I believe
I was a good mom, certainly
no one could try harder than we two.

When I celebrate , I applaud my husband
and what he gave our kids,
what he gives them today.
I think about what is important for us,
that we did the best we could,
that thought often leads me to this:

maybe they did, too.


Ann said...

Interesting insight, Judy.

Peggy said...

What insight Judy. Startling and really makes one think.

Victoria said...

I love your honesty and sharing of it Judy. I still have trouble though, believing that all parents (including yours) did their best in the same way that parents like you and Bill do/did. There is a difference between simply being fallible and not knowing everything and running one's life out of bitterness, addiction, or any other form of self-service. I sure get why you hate the parents' day holidays.

Josie Two Shoes said...

My thoughts on Father's Day and Mothers' Day are very similar to yours Judy, rather bittersweet. I do believe that my parents tried and did the best they knew how. I know they loved us. Somehow it didn't always translate well, maybe because their childhood's weren't picture-perfect either. My children know beyond a doubt how much they are loved and how proud I am of them, and I bet yours do too, that's the most important gift we can pass on! HUGS

Mary said...

These days surely to cause one to reflect, don't they? Hard for me to know sometimes who does the best they can and who does not. One would hope no one would hurt a child willingly, but it does seem like there are situations where they do. Maybe caused by a mental health issue or substance issue? But still it should not happen. Someone should stop it!

becca said...

interesting look at things i like

Tigerbrite said...

Doing one's best is all one an do. Interesting reflections.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Ah yes - that realisation is so long coming, lol — that maybe our parents did their best too.

zongrik said...

i guess some of us are forced to celebrate mom or dad day, just cuz it's the right thing to do, but not because we really want to. :(

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