Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Trouble Is

The trouble is clear to me, it’s another day
with only twenty-four hours, another to-do list
with a lot of unchecked tasks.  Each second
I’m thinking what else I should be doing, could be doing,
Especially when I’m relaxing or idle in any way.  The trouble
comes each day’s end when I reflect on things undone,
when I forget to pay tribute to the tasks accomplished. 


Lynne said...

This sure rings true, Judy! Make sure you give yourself some big "attagirls" at the end of every day.

Ann said...

You're so good at finding those perfect moments in the midst of "trouble is..."

Peggy said...

Been there, done that Judy. I try to count relaxation among my tasks accomplished!

Victoria said...

Wise. I hope you do remember to count the accomplished. I like your comment Peggy about counting relaxation as a task accomplished.

Mary said...

I hear you, Judy. I think we do have to concentrate on what we have accomplished rather than what we have not. Some days 'treading water' is the task of the day.

Bill said...

Such passion for life ! I absolutely love that about you Judy Roney.