Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We twist and turn with the passage of time,
with change as inevitable as sunrise.
The joys mount up, tragedies tear us down.
I want to believe there’s a reason for it all.

I hope something  ties our lives together,
there’s a glue for all the frayed ends,
a pattern that threads its way
through happenstance.

We are so busy in the living though
and I think we have to stop,
be still, hush our minds, stop the world, 
to glimpse the pattern invisible

until we look back.


Ann said...

I hope to see the pattern invisible too, Judy, all those twists and turns that seem so challenging, might have a beauty of sorts.

Mary said...

Yes, I do sometimes think we do need that reflective time to make some sense of the we hope there is some.

Peggy said...

I guess I have given up thinking there is a grander purpose to it all. To me it all just is with all its mystery and all the unknowns. Maybe there is a reason but I somehow doubt it would make sense to a human.

Bill said...

We have to stop our minds. So true but hard, hard, hard, when you are wired for our times.