Monday, April 16, 2012

Vision in a Baseball Cap

At dusk I see the shape of you against the waning day,
 a thin haze
of you drifts by, a vision in a baseball cap.

Your vague image answers a question I don’t know how to ask.
The answer will lull
me enough so that I can sleep tonight.

I can pray for an appearance in my dreams, but I know now
unanswered prayer
is an agony I should spare myself.


Mary said...

Judy, good to see you writing again. I agree that unanswered prayer is a pain one can (try to) spare oneself. But it doesn't stop one from looking for those visions...

Willow said...

Beautiful, sad poem, Judy.

Ann said...

Straight to the heart and the gut, this one, Judy.

Peggy said...

Lovely and sad Judy. Good to read your writing again.