Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Day of the Season

I never watched the game but it was always in the background
of my childhood summers.  I heard names like Al Kaline,  
Eddie Robinson, and Harvey Kuen.  My brothers had cards
and talked baseball day and night. They compared hitting, fielding,
and batting stats as easily as they recited their ABC’s.  My information
came by osmosis. The sounds and feels of the game stayed long after
I left my childhood.

Today I turn the TV on and tune to the game.  I put on my jersey
navy blue and white, then  I mop the floors, or write a new poem.
I like the feel of a sunny spring day and the sounds of baseball
my background music. I still hang on the periphery of the sport.
Hear the commentators, statistics, and the solid hit of bat on ball.
Today the Tampa Bay Rays is my team.  Go Longoria and Pena!
Play ball!


irene said...

I enjoyed your thoughts on baseball Judy. It's always at the periphery, but also centre of field, in a way.

Ann said...

Interesting to read what baseball means to you, Judy. Thanks for sharing this. I didn't even know this was the first day of the season.

Mary said...

There is something exciting about a new season. I am not much of a baseball fan here unless the Brewers do wonderfully. I remember also my childhood summers following the Milwaukee Braves then. THOSE players are forever emblazoned in my brain. There is just something about one's childhood teams.

Willow said...

I love this poem Judy. Your energy and your humor and your ability to write your experience make it shine, a book in a rhyme.

Lynne said...

Really nice poem, Judy, and one to which I can relate bigtime! With me it's been football and basketball - lovely background sounds - makes me nostalgic for when my folks and my bros would spread out (usually with a food spread - LOL) to watch Joe Montana and the Niners, as well as the Boston Celtics and Gonzaga U basketball. Seemed like such simple times then.

Peggy said...

Excellent description of how these things stay in the background of our minds and memories even if we think we are not paying attention. I think sports as a whole are like that for me.