Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter's Eve

Pink brushed flannel with soft white lace,
Sherpa lined slippers and my favorite
robe, well-worn and ankle length.  
Hot cocoa from the Keurig in my red cup.
Husband at his computer, brown mug,
steamy with the same brew.  Lexi Dawg
snores softly at my feet, click-clack
computer keys is the music we hear.


Ann said...

Be warm. Be well, Judy and Bill!

Willow said...

A restful scene.

Victoria said...

Warm sweet evening, similar to Bob's and mine, except no cocoa here.

Mary said...

The music you listen to is familiar to me. LOL. Well described.

Kat Mortensen said...

This is a familiar scenario in our house, but we have cats. Not that we don't love dogs, but the cats are not too keen.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Only a writer would understand the 'music' of computer keys, where others would just hear annoyance.

Lovely writing. :-)

Judy Roney said...

Paul, My husband does not hear the same tune I do when my computer keys are clicking away. My muic is his noise. LOL

Judy Roney said...

I think this must be a similar them in everyone's homes. Well, everyone who writes that is. I guess that's why writing is such a solitary job. I hear of authors going away to be by themselves for months to complete a project. No one wants to hear our music. :)