Thursday, January 5, 2012

Empty House

Stomach ache, head full of visions
from last week, heart ache,
phantom embraces, baby chatter

rings in my ears,
granddaughter and family
left this mourn.    


Peggy said...

Ah the empty house. I have to admit that we really did love the empty house after everyone finally left! You have had a busy season!

Ann said...

Bittersweet words that capture the whole of your day, Judy.

Mary said...

But so many nice memories!

Mary Mansfield said...

Another touching poem. Luckily, phantom embraces turn into real ones again in time. And you've got wonderful memories of the holidays to hold onto until then.

Shersim said...

What I especially love is your last line, Judy, where you substitute mourn for morn. What a nice surprise it is, as it communicates the emotion that goes with the event. Mourn, indeed; I totally get it.

Victoria said...

Love does cut both ways - worth it htough.