Sunday, December 4, 2011

Question of Place

How to recognize the right place for you?
Do you know when it’s time to stop looking?
If you make a mistake will there be a safety net?
How do you know when it’s time to compromise,
when it’s time to stand firm? Does it matter?


Anonymous said...

I've just been in that pickle spot and have had to make some choices - They are the right ones for me. This whole year has been a big questtion and the quest has been to figure out how to slow down. So I am looked about found an outlet or two and put one foot in front of another, and one word in front of another and kept moving. Be well.

Ann said...

We can only do the best we can with the information available to us, as you know, Judy. Trust yourself.

Peggy said...

Such major decisions would be so difficult for me. You have put it all together very concisely here. I like the twist of the ending question too.

Victoria said...

good calm description of the definitely nocalm place of trying to make a decision that has long term implications.

Mary said...

So many good questions here, Judy. I think the right answer depends on the individual. There is no universal 'right,' but I think you are a good judge of what is right for you.

Lynne said...

I don't think there's one "right" answer Judy. You have choices and you go with your gut. You seem to excel at that.

Bill said...

Does it even matter. I like that.

tariq mian said...

Mostly, the inherent ability helps to judge and reaching an abrubt or time consuming decision.
To err is human so is correcting wrong.
Only give and take sometimes matters a lot.

Nice post Judy!

I am tariq mian
I am following your blog, you may do so too.

Willow said...

Oh, do I hear this poem, so hard to know what is the right place, and is there a safety net. I lie awake at night fearing the mistake. To me, it matters.