Monday, November 7, 2011


Good news waits on us, bad news
gives us no time outs, no free shots
or pinch hitters.  The blow is swift
and often it’s a sucker punch.

Devastation, diagnosis, instant death
won't wait for us to prepare,
research, know what we’re
up against. We’re just given
our sword and shield and told,
This is your battle, be brave.”


Mary said...

You are right...sometimes these things are sucker punches. One is never ready to face one's mortalty. I will be waiting with you, Judy. Hoping and praying for good news.

Peggy said...

Lets hope it is indeed good news -- that will be worth waiting for. You have had enough of those sucker punches!

Heavens2Betsy said...

So beautifully written and so poignant. penny

Victoria said...

Judy - WOW! When you write from the gut like this, no one is better. I believe exactly what you wrote, have experienced it more than once. No one wants to have to stand as warrior, but we can and do when we must. Of course I also pray for good news this time and every time.

Willow said...

Powerful, Judy. Saying prayers that today will bring good news.

Robert Lloyd said...

The first stanza in this poem is strong and so true. When you are expecting the good news and even know its coming it creeps its way toward you but oh those harsh blows form the bad times can be so quick. You did well in capturing these truths. Thank you for allowing me to read your work.