Wednesday, November 23, 2011


People up north in Tennessee
where I was born and raised
say I have a northern accent.
They ask me why that’s so
when I live further south than they.
I say, hey?

People here in Florida
say I have a southern accent thick
they strain to understand me.

They never knew Florida
had only two syllables.  Not till
they heard me.  Well, hey!


Mary Mansfield said...

Very nice. It's always entertaining to me to hear people from different regions and their accents, even the subtle differences between some of the states in the South.

Mary said...

Ha ha, I cannot imagine anyone thinking you have a northern accent, but whatever accent you have it's a truly beautiful one.

Ann said...

Hey to you, woman of many beautiful tongues, Ms. Judith!

Willow said...

This is a fun poem, and I love your Judy accent.