Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Evening Goes

I relax into the evening
The hamburger is browning
Smells of tomato sauce bubbly.
All is ready, I sit at the computer
To tap out a few more lines, thoughts.
Lexi starts to bark, jumping around like
An aerialist, she runs to me, then charges
For the door. He’s home she seems to say.

A kiss and hug for me, a treat for the bouncing dog
A hope from me that he’ll settle, be calm,
But no, we have to go.  He thinks we should go
To Sam’s or to the mall, just walk around, grab
Dinner.  I cooked, he says, let’s save it for tomorrow.
I have work to do here, it can wait.  Come be with me.
I was hoping for a bath, TV, some writing before bed.
He was hoping for a ride, a walk, see sights, do things.
He’s a go, go, go guy, I know that.  It’s hard when
I’m a sit, sit, and sit kind of girl.  Work to be done here.

I go.  Be with him most times.  That’s the important choice.
To be with him, tomorrow we’ll eat spaghetti and watch TV.
Tomorrow I’ll get some writing done and finish the painting.
Tonight we’ll hold hands in Wal-Mart and laugh because
Someone said something funny at work.  He likes it when
We are out and I’m not working either. 


Heavens2Betsy said...

Togetherness - not always the easiest of choices, but as your story tells - the most important. penny

Mary said...

I like this slice of your life, Judy. You're a good compromiser, it seems...and you know what is most important.

Ann said...

I wanted to remind you to turn off the browning meat before you walked out the door, Judy. Glad this isn't a horror story, rather a love story, and all was well in that regard.

Victoria said...

Sweet slice of life. Yes, be with him, such an important lesson. I like visualizing the two of you holding hands in Wall Mart and laughing.

Willow said...

I can relate to this poem…"lets go do a lap around the mall." My compromise, "let's eat out."

PattiKen said...

I rather like hearing something like "Save it until tomorrow. We'll eat out." Besides, spaghetti sauce is always better the next day, right? ;-)

Peggy said...

What a pleasant description of an ordinary happy evening--one of life real treasures. So good that you recorded this along with your feelings. Wonderful piece or writing.

Bill said...

I like it when work is secondary.