Saturday, November 26, 2011

All Consuming

Our tragedies have to consume us in the dark and daytime, too.
There are only slight reprieves from our duty to get through this,
before another tragedy strikes. Or the delightful floats into our lives
and needs our attention and ministrations to become joys. 
We aren’t strange in our unrelenting, all-consuming thoughts,
it’s how we grow and go on, how we move through and survive


Ann said...

You're the best example I know, Judy, of not letting tragedies consume you.

Mary said...

Yes, we do grow as a result of our tragedies oftentimes. We don't welcome the tragedies, mostly do not see the growth until we look, some time later, back.

Peggy said...

Grow and go on--you are certainly a marvelous example of this Judy. You will always amaze me.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Beautiful, encouraging and uplifting Judy. thank you, penny

Willow said...

Judy, you are a poet teacher.