Thursday, August 18, 2011

A New Friend

Her heart is broken
I see it through her eyes
before the tears appear.

I know that pain,
raw, open, intense.
It has only been a year
for her. I don’t want

to go back, but I do,
I must before she can trust me,
can know me, will take my hand,
accepts my words, my gift
of understanding, my hug

filled with solace.
To hear her story is to
feel her pain and spiral down
however, I have the tools to rise
again, and the hope that I can bring
her with me if only for a moment.


Ann said...

What a gift you are to the universe, Judy, translating your loss into a way to help others.

Mary said...

Yes, you do have the tools, Judy! I know you know the pain, amd I know it is hard to 'go there' again. Thank you

Peggy said...

Judy you are such a giving person. Such a gift to this woman to be willing to go back to your own pain in order to share it with her. You will indeed inspire hope. Love you.

Willow said...

Judy, this poem makes me cry for your generosity that takes you back to a place you have worked hard to rise out of. I know you do have the tools to rise again and again. I applaud your bravery to do this to help someone else. Not many would be willing, I think.

Anonymous said...

May your helping others during such a difficult time be a way to continue your healing journey..blessings on your efforts CA

jennifaye said...

I like the last line about you rising again and bringing her with you if only for a moment. It's comforting and encouraging for someone who mourns.

Daydreamertoo said...

This is so touching on many levels. Trust being one of them.
Lovely prose.

Bill said...

I love this.

Lynne said...

What a beautiful heart and soul you have, Judy. This is lovely.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh it's that rising again that really shows what humans are capable of, isnt it? Lovely, Judy.

Bob H said...

Powerful poem of compassion, of empathy, of going into those dark places to reach and lift another. Your using your pain to help others is inspiring.

The Poetry Palace said...

glad to see you back and shine again.

hope to see you in poets rally.
your words are gems,
keep shining.