Sunday, July 31, 2011

He Reclaims

Fear will pierce,
jangle my nerves,
sprout like weeds
in my psyche.

Fear rattles my being,
splinters the fortress
I've built over the years,
then overtakes my spirit.

Voices of peace
emerge when summoned,
the holy image of Him, strong,
appears, takes over, reclaims.


Ann said...

You have risen above fear many times now, Judy. Thank you for sharing how you do this with grace.

brenda w said...

Judy, This piece is beautiful. I love the certainty and comfort the last stanza carries.

I'm so sorry it took me so long to approve your comment over at the Whirl. It was a whirl of a trip home. I think now that you've posted once there, it shouldn't be an issue.


Nanka said...

Marvelous!! After all the turmoil at the beginning the last stanza is so calm and soothing!!


Victoria said...

Image of reclaimation is powerfuland something I've felt.

Peggy said...

Wonderful Judy. Again you are such a strong strong writer.

Traci B said...

Excellent, Judy! You point the reader in the right direction - the only Direction - with this poem. As I quoted in another wordler's comment section, perfect love casts out fear.

Lynne said...

Beautiful and so hopeful, Judy.