Saturday, June 4, 2011


My friend, so full of compliments:
No one would guess you are
So old.

You don't dress like an artist
You are much too conservative

It's a good thing you are taller
than I, it allows you to eat without
a thought.

I love your accent but you could
take voice lessons if you don't,
you know?

I nod and smile inside as she bestows
her wisdom. I choose to take it all
as praise.


Mary said...

Oh my, Judy. As my mother used to say, "With friends like that, you don't need enemies!"

Reminds me of an aunt of mine who, when I was young, ran her hands through my hair after a haircut. She said, "Is THAT how they are wearing their hair now?" I have remembered her remark forever.

annell said...

And yet, it is our choice. I have a friend who is like that, starts out well, but just can't leave it alone. I have always said, our friends are our friends, not because of their faults, but in spite of them. I also choose compliment.

Victoria said...

Judy, you make it almost funny, the lines that could hurt so much or not if one is strong enough, as you and Annell point out, to accept in spite opf flaws and take these comments as compliments or at least not mean. Reading things like this makes me watch my own language carefully to make sure I don't say things with an underside or edge.

Ann said...

Very healthy attitude, Judy. You know you're wonderful already!

Willow said...

Good job, both poem and taking it as a compliment! Oh, there are people who amaze me with their "compliments." The best make me wonder was I just complimented or insulted?

Peggy said...

Excellent concise depiction of the kind of person we all have met at some time or another. Some people seem to try so hard to be pleasant but just can't quite get rid of the critical witch persona inside. Probably doesn't understand why she has so few friends. Like Victoria said, it does make me want to make sure i never say things like that!