Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Cry Baby

I sit, fresh tears sting my eyes
The bandage is off my foot
I try not to look, not to faint
Like I did last time. I want to be
Brave but I feel myself revert. 

Doctor will be in soon..he might
Take out the stitches or the rod
Going through my second toe
I think it's better not to know.
X-rays show the broken bones,
Joints removed and I see the cut flesh.

My big toe is straight, I'll concentrate
On the good..a big toe
Is straight.I'll ask for help, ask why
The pain pills stop at my ankles.
I want a foot pain killer.

I thought this would be a piece
Of cake, I had bilateral knee surgery
For Pete’s sake. This is so minor
In comparison.  I realize I have
To pay my dues. No surgery is easy.
Cry baby me wants it over with, now!


laurie kolp said...

Oh, Judy. I love this open, frank and funny piece (especially foot pain killers). You have expressed what many cannot. One day when this is behind you, it'll be but a memory (but you'll have lots to write about).

Judy Roney said...

Thanks, Laurie. It really helps to hear from people who have been there, done that. You encourage me today.

Mary said...

Judy, I am glad that you have written your pain. It really helps, and it helps EVEN more to share.

Victoria said...

Don't call yourself names! The idea of the pain relief stopping at the ankles sounds awful. And I don't think I could stand to look at the open wounds. I really hope the surgery gives you the results you wanted when you planned it.

Willow said...

Oh, Judy, too much pain. You are not a cry baby. You hurt! You are brave and what was done to your toes sounds horrible to me. It's ok to cry, it hurts, it doesn't make you a baby.

Judy Roney said...

You are the best people in the world. I'm not feeling like such a big cry baby today. :)
When I wrote the title I was thinking of when I was young and my brothers would call me a cry baby because they were tough guys . LOL They still are tough guys, me, not so much..still. :)

beccagivens said...

Sending healing energies ... you are not a crybaby with pain ... Hurt HURTS!! However, it WILL get better!

Lynne said...

Oh Judy, you are NOT a crybaby. I remember when this name used to be often bandied about long ago and it still is to some extent. Not right. You are experiencing some nasty stuff right now, crying is healing for your soul. I'm so sorry this is such a hard one.

Peggy said...

I missed this one somehow Judy--ouch, ouch, ouch! Think how many more bones are involved in the feet than the knees. No wonder you are in pain. I recall Steve was quite miserable--and I am sure you are a better patient than he was!