Monday, May 30, 2011

Show Your Face

Narcotic rambles down to knee
Miniscule drops trickle down
To foot under blood soaked gauze
Drug uses dulled hatchet
Cuts off the sharp edges


Mary said...

I like this, Judy. I think it is a good idea to capture just a snippet of your day in a short poem like this. This poem lets me feel your pain. OUCH!

Ann said...

This small stone definitely irritates the senses, Judy.

Peggy said...

This makes me curious about the small stone again. I think we have looked at this small stone idea before but I can't remember it well. I hope your feet feel brand new soon! Good capture of a snippet of your day.

Marinela said...

I like this one, Judy. Short but wrapped up so beautifully!
Bullying Poems

Lynne said...

Whew, Judy, I wish you didn't have this particular snippet of your day to even consider, but you sure did a great job getting the point across so succinctly.

Prateek Rai said...

Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hope you have less pain and are moving around better..been there, done that....with the same surgery

Victoria said...

This is strong Judy. I've experienced the narcotic dulling the sharp edge of pain- well described. Hope the need for dulling passes soon.