Friday, May 13, 2011


As I awake from the same nightmare
again, details still fresh in my mind,
of disease that spreads over the land,
Alzeihmers,                 depression,
Parkinson’s,                 heart disease, 
fells my family and friends. My eyes
stay closed for a while, until my
breathing becomes stable once more,
wake up now, I speak to myself, it’s
time to wake up!


Ann said...

Waking up is difficult sometimes, isn't it, Judy!

Mary said...

A strong piece of writing, a punch to the gut. Reality is hard, and sometimes nightmares continue even when one wakes up! But one must see the sun, feel the warmth, breathe, and pray.

Willow said...

Oh, yes, Judy, you nailed it!...I am split at times between not wanting to wake up, or to wake and have it all be only a dream vs a real live nightmare.

Ella said...

Powerful and so real. I have lost a lot of my family to dreadful diseases.
I like that you woke up and can move through the sea of sad n' beauty~xXx

WyomingDiva said...

Wow. You captured that fear that we all have about disease. Well written!

Peggy said...

A scourge that is all to real as we get older, Judy. If only we could just wake up and have it gone.

Jinksy said...

A nightmare for everyone...

Marian said...

whew. glad to wake up.

Andy said...

So glad you woke up Judy and didn't get lost in that nightmare.

Mr. Walker said...

Judy, a scary and real nightmare - so difficult to handle when awake, that it haunts us at night. You express it well.


Lynne said...

Very well stated, Judy. I like the way you spread the diseases visually in this poem. If only the nightmares didn't turn into daymares.

Victoria said...

I feel it too Judy. I remember my Dad talking about the experience of so many friends terribly ill when he was our age. It is hard in our circle lately.

Jingle said...

time to wake up,
how cool ending.
bless your day, smiles.

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