Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem A Day, April 2011

I vow that after I leave this month behind,
there will be no more stretches of blank blogs
or empty poetry folders.  What will make
the difference this time? I don’t know, but if
I don’t set my goals, no one else will care
whether I write or not.

At times I fear I’ll lose the desire to write,
I won’t see poems when I’m driving or when I
Have dinner with friends or family, especially
family, they are such good fodder for my lines.

Passion about anything is such a gift and I want
to honor that gift with hard work and pride in
what I do, even if it is only because I wrote
a poem today.


Ann said...

Most days, writing a poem is great fun, even thinking about it. The day can be going wrong, and the wrong turns into poetry. It won't always be our best, but often is better than we expected. Go, Judy!

meirozavian said...

I agree with Ann.
Enjoy reading your work.

Peggy said...

Beautiful poetry all month Judy! And in the future.

Stan Ski said...

Yes, keep it up Judy.

vivinfrance said...

I echo your well expressed sentiments, this end of the show. I've enjoyed your poems and your comments.

Mary said...

Passion about writing IS a gift. We all need to honor that passion and write.

E. Johnson said...

It's true, passion for anything is a gift. We can't hold on to it too tightly or it might slip through our grasp- but rather enjoy it while it is bestowed on us!
Beautifully written!

Gloria said...

You've said it so well. I'm adding your site to my favorites so I won't lose sight of you and you're wonderful keep 'em coming! ;)

Mr. Walker said...

Judy, this is well said, and much as I've been thinking. I want to set reasonable goals for myself, but I'm also worried about jinxing myself.


Willow said...

Writing a poem isn't an only,,,it's fantastic, a wonderful accomplishment and you do it so well.

Angie Liddle said...

I personally would rather be dead than not have real passion for something in this life. People without passion say I am emotional or to vested in the things I care about, yes I agree for this is what great things are built on Great Passion that may even seem a little "crazy" to others.