Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Musty Minutes

I climb into the attic
for a few musty minutes
with my cache gathered
over the years. School

photos, Mother’s Day
cards made by hand,
child’s uniforms,
toys of a little boy.
Our lives now garnered
in the attic, all of it
history now.


margoroby said...

"Our lives now garnered
in the attic". I love this line. Our minds are our attics and museums! Thank you for your comment on my poem.

brenda w said...

What a great history, eh? It's so bittersweet watching them grow. Mine are teenagers now, and the letting go has begun. *sigh* I love your use of musty minutes. Well done!

lightverse said...

You did a great job with the prompt. You make me want to visit an attic and seek out the history hidden there. ☼

flaubert said...

The attic does hold so much of our lives, Judy. Nicely put.


poetry-diary.com said...

Your last line works really well somehow - 'history now', a great end to a poem.



Mike Patrick said...

The passing of the years, cataloged in treasure boxes: worthless and priceless.

vivinfrance said...

Special memories may be musty, but still worth mulling over. Lovely.

irene said...

Lovely mementos..how important the attic even if relegated to history.

Mary said...

Hi Judy, I know what you mean. I remember many nights of sitting in the attic looking through boxes of memories....mustiness all around! Well expressed thoughts here.

Mr. Walker said...

It may be "history now" but the speaker of the poem still climbed up there for those "musty minutes" - that's what I like best about this poem.

Wayne Pitchko said...

nice attic.....nice words.....thanks for sharing

Jan Freeman said...

Lovely. Yes, I must get into the attic again to rediscover the lost world.

Michelle said...

Judy - so lovely and sad at the same time. You really wrote a powerful piece. I feel the need to hold my ladybug. Hugs to you.