Sunday, March 13, 2011


My son walks at my side, sometimes behind me, too.
He’ll whisper to me in the wind, or on a lady bug’s wings,
or even a penny, heads up. It all fills me with joy
when I know he’s there, and I do know.

Sometimes he’s in the wind, caressing my face and lets
me know he is there, he is here, he is with me still. He makes
me laugh like he used to, even though its through tears.

Though unable to accept that presense at first I welcome
It now after years of emptiness and longing. Such a surreal,
unsure part of him here with me. I can’t summon him, want
him hard enough, beg or plead. He comes when he thinks
I need him. Gives me beads of wisdom and crowns of joy
just for a moment, but they last always. I can summon
them up… Remember the first time he told me he was ok.
The first time he walked into my home with that laugh
that presence, that joy that was only his to give. Remember
the time he told me that he was only unhappy when I was.

I know how this sounds. I know. But I also know the truth
when I hear it, see it and feel it… it’s truth, my truth.


Lynne said...

Judy, this is such a loving poem about Brian. I truly believe in this presence and I agree, one can't call it up, but it's there where it's most needed. I've experienced this with the loss of my mom and dad many times. Love to you and although your heart will always ache for him, I'm glad you feel the comfort of Brian's presence.

Peggy said...

Judy you have written many stunning poems but this one must be one of your strongest. My reaction reading this was, "My God, she is an amazing poet." Hugs to you friend.

Willow said...

Only once did I feel such a is true, they can't be summoned, they come when they sense our need. Beautiful, Judy.

Victoria said...

Judy I am glad you receive the gifts of love from Brian across the gap of death. Love does seem to be stronger than loss.

Mary said...

I am glad you find your son present when you need him, that he whispers to you in the wind. I am glad he still makes you laugh.Love lives.

Jingle said...

bravo, glad to hear truth ..fabulous poem.

welcome and have fun.


Paul Andrew Russell said...

Beautiful, Judy.

thingy said...

I feel bad because I don't know your past, but, this was lovely and sad.

Anonymous said...

you made me choke with this- nice! here's my potluck..

Saadi said...

Great work. Powerful stuff.

Lolamouse said...

this was a loving and beautiful tribute. I, too, believe in the presence of those who have died in our lives. I find myself smiling and saying hello to people at certain times. I'm glad you've found comfort in this.

Manny Minds' love stories said...

I can feel the poignant memoirs of the author in this piece.