Friday, March 4, 2011


"Remember, you are not here to play it safe.
You are here to start fires." - Sera Beak.

I follow my longings for solitude
curled up in my benign winter
with cozy fire, I read, I write, I paint.
This feeds me, clothes me in comfort.

A push into the fire of summer
is what I need. I don’t acknowledge
for I’d have to move outside this zone
I’m snuggled in. I begin to feel

like molasses aged, without the inspiration
outside my den. I have to stretch, reach,
go; sometimes I get too cozy.


Lynette Killam said...

Oh, I so identify with this, Judy, at the end of an indolent winter! Your poem and quote have inspired me...I am indeed here to make fires, and they're going to be big ones...LOL!


Kim Nelson said...

you would adore our Tucson weather today... light, cool breeze, azure skies, temp around 78f. Lovely!
I wrote a poem about it based on a photo I took yesterday. Have a look if you like:

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

The very image at your poem, has warmed my cold hands!!
A rather cold day here and so the words of your poem are warm and uplifting to me.
I think we are all sharing the same aspirations, world wide right now, for spring to appear and the sun to return.
Best wishes, Eileen

Mary said...

Judy, I agree sometime we get too cozy. Winter does tend to make one curl up, when what we really need is to MOVE.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I so hear you! It is blizzarding here right now and I am happy as an old hibernating bear, knowing I cannot possibly go anywhere till the roads are clear - let's say by Monday:) hee hee.All I lack is a fireplace - instead, I keep candles going.......

Peggy said...

Wonderful cozy poem Judy. I know just what you mean and it feels so good! Makes me want to stay with the cozy even longer!

Elizabeth said...

I so look forward to spring and fear if I don't move soon, I might not be able to when it finally comes.


flaubert said...

Judy, it is always best to move about
even when we don't want to. The cold
does that to you.


Ella said...

How beautiful this was, I could feel the flames of longing to change, yet the resistance to stay close and be warm~ Love the way your wrote this~

Victoria said...

I like your take on the quote in terms of seasons. I guess it is about time to come out of hibernation. I'll see if I can write a poem before I go to sleep tonight.

Bill said...

It is a risk to step out of our comfort zone but I believe we all must do it from time to time. Easier said than done.