Friday, February 25, 2011


Skywriters is a group of online poets
and writers who have shared the deepest
recesses of themselves with each other.
We talk about our hurts, disappointments,
crisis and tragedies. We express our joys,
friendships, family, love, surprises
and so many wonders in our lives. We’ve
been at this for eleven years and will
do so until we no longer sit at our computers,
until we are retired poets, but we’ll support
each other still. Everyone needs a safe place.


Sharplittle pencil said...

Judy, in the arts, it's always wonderful to have a group where ideas can be shared in mutual respect. That's the essence of safety. I am so happy you have this "think tank," where you can bandy about thoughts and viewpoints. May it continue, and may we all find that safe haven of the mind and muse!

Mary said...

So true, Judy! On through the next decade. Everyone does need a safe place.

Victoria said...

I feel honored to be a skywriter. Our writing group is one of my safest places too. I love you, skysisters.

Bee's Blog said...

This sounds wonderful - a place where like minds can interact - safely and securely.