Sunday, January 2, 2011


I read about Pippi Longstocking long after
I should be reading children’s books.
I was enamored with this little pip
of a girl with fiery red wire hanger braids
and a voracious appetite for life.

What struck me most was her non-conformity
and the different drummer she marched
to, sporting those striped stockings. She
saw things I saw but she wasn’t ashamed
to name it and pursue wherever that spunk

would lead her. Pippi lives in a place
of dreams where girls have superhuman
strength and keep a monkey and a horse
for pets. She was a feminist long before
anyone else dared to be. When I see her
mishmash image I find myself thinking,
you go sister!


Peggy Goetz said...

Yes definitely a feminist! Wonderful take on this prompt!

Victoria said...

Fun, Judy.

Anonymous said...

Have not thought of Pippi in a very long time....need to revist..perhaps with some of my Grand daughters..have 5 of thm!

Judy Roney said...

I learned about Pippi when my daughter began reading her to me! We had lots of discussion about whether what Pippi did was really possible and she brought up a lot of good subjects to discuss. :) Such a gutsy girl Pippi was and my very shy daughter got a real kick out of her.

poetcolette said...

You go too, for blogging this tribute to Pippi! I remember thinking she was a strange bird, but really funny and smart and cool. So yeah.... a feminist all the way! ;D

Mary said...

I always loved the Pippi Longstocking movies! But that hair was something else.

Bill said...

She was chasing what every human being has a right to. You go Pipi.