Wednesday, January 5, 2011


First line of each stanza taken from Art’s Blood by Vicki Lane. Prompt by We Write Poems.

The list is long I should think
Too many people who have been hurt
By words said or written
With intent or unintentional
The results the same, shaky
Egos are hurt, even destroyed.

The low murmur of conversation
Comes to a stop when I walk in.
Such a clear sign who is being
Skewered with their broiling
Words that scorch the proud.

I’m sorry for all the crap
That hits you, hits me, by
Unthinking people, or purposeful
Ones who can’t empathize enough
With the ones they abuse.


uma.a said...

Beautiful lines...liked it

gautami tripathy said...

You constructed well from the first lines. I say Bravo!

Here is mine:

musical whirlwind

Mary said...

Great work, Judy. I like the style of writing you are doing ately. And, as ever, I appreciate your honest writing.

Jingle Poetry said...

lovely piece..

Jingle Poetry said...

welcome sharing your poems with our poetry potluck today..

you got talent, keep it up.