Monday, November 22, 2010

Who’s Right

Why do so many people take such rigid positions,
become adamant, rigid, know their way is right,
believe that everyone should think just like them.

Who is so sure that they are right, that they bank
their life, their friendships, their ability to enjoy
or even participate in a full life so they can be right.

Who are these people who have all the answers,
need no help, won’t listen to other people, other
views. They are closed, they took their stand.


Peggy said...

The closed mind is a very sad thing I think, Judy. But way too common. Nice write.

Victoria said...

My mother always cautioned me to be wary of people who were too sure about anything. Your poem catches that well.

Mary said...

I wrote a poem that seems to have a similar 'flavor.' I truly don't feel like taking 'stands' anymore. Live and let live! Your poem also expresses this well!

Diane T said...

Well, I do whatever it takes to do the PAD. I agree that have a similar flavor. I also agree with your poems.

Bill said...

I really like your comment. No one has all the answers.Thanks, I will try and keep that thought always.