Sunday, November 7, 2010


I’m for sentiments written and spoken,
beautiful fall and spring days, sunshine
and tiny dogs.

I’m for love and care of spouse,children, grands,
family, friends, and neighbors. For the state
of Florida,Gators and the Bucs, North Carolina,
and Tennessee. For the United States of America
and this nation. For white, black, brown, yellow,
and red people,and other colors if I could think
of any. For straight or gay,single moms or dads,
widows and widowers,the elderly and infirm,
and even for people who don’t think the way I do.

I’m for tomato plants on the back porch,vibrant flowers,
for hibiscus,palm trees and evergreens, too.
I’m for studys and dens and granite counter tops,
for baby giggles and children’s laughter and making the
world a safer, better place for them and us.

I’m for Big Sisters and Brothers and Guardian Ad Litems,
girlscouts and boyscouts, sports, music, foster care
and respite workers.For nurses and doctors and help
staffs, psychologists, psychiatrists and meds
that help those in need of them.

I’m for school teachers, volunteers, churches and women’s
clubs that do good. I’m for searching, optimism, examining life,
finding, and looking further. For random acts of kindness
and those not so random always trying to do and be better.
I’m for putting a stop to this list and resting from
the overload of all that I am for in this life.


Victoria said...

Glorious things to be for - life all!

Willow said...

I like your Pros Judy, encompassing all that is good, and for resting too.

Diane T said...

Fantastic things you stand up for, Judy.

Peggy Goetz said...

And I'm for you Judy. All wonderful pros.