Saturday, November 6, 2010


We look for the perfect place
Where life is whole again.
The trek began ten years ago
I keep thinking it’s over
We have found our haven
Our home where I can become
A cook and great writer, a traveler, too.
He finds something more satisfying
Than his work, he begins to golf
And find solace in a life transfigured
We look at the beach, on mountain
Tops, and arid places in between. Look
For the place where people like us belong.
He smokes a pipe in front of our fireplace
with a dog at his feet and me on his lap.
I knit and read and paint something
true and illuminating and it will fulfill me.
We smile at each other in our innocence
Like we did ten years ago. We say
Life is good and it is not a cliche.


Mary said...

Any place is perfect when you are with the one you love! I'd say you have had many perfect placES.

Diane T said...

You sound veery happy where you are now! Brava!

Anonymous said...

Often it is the little things that bring us most joy. Glad that 'life is good', may it always remain that way.

Peggy said...

What a lovely place your describe Judy and I hope home will always be where ever you and Bill are and that "life is good" will be a life-long mantra for you both!

Willow said...

Beautiful, Judy, just beautiful.

Victoria said...

Here's to "Life is good."