Friday, November 19, 2010

Hole In My Story

Our toilet was a stinky outhouse
That listed to the left.
A tiny box , narrow and tall
with a hole cut in wood the
box inside. Sometimes we had
magazines but more often not.
I don’t remember having toilet paper,
that was what rich folk had.

I was always so scared to go
outside along the path to the outhouse
after dark. I was afraid of a snake
on the path or worse, so going to
relieve myself took more courage
than I’ve ever had to muster since.

My friends asked me once when I told
them my outhouse story, “why didn’t
you have a chamber pot in your bedroom?”
Hmmm,I didn’t know but I called mom right
away to find out. Mama said, “Now Judy,
where do you think we’d a got the money
for a pot?” I guess when I say we were bad off
people don’t really get it. We were so poor
we didn’t have a pot to piss in


LKHarris-Kolp said...

Judy- My grandparents used to have one of those porcelain potties b/c they had only one bathroom in their house. As a kid, I thought it was creepy... until the time I had to use it. Then I was grateful!

Willow said...

I can't imagine, Judy...I just can't imagine. I used outhouses in state parks, and once a camp in Maine. I got sick that night, temp 104, stomach sick and afraid of anything outside, stumbling through the trees, but the outhouse most of all scared me. I can't imagine what you lived. {{{{Judy}}}}

Diane T said...

Oh, I can imagine, Judy... We had times when we visited the prairies that were like that and a summer cabin, too! I remember catelogues in the prairies!

Jingle Poetry said...

best wishes 4 u.
beautiful poem,
love your insights ...

Jingle Poetry said...

keep it up.

I am your follower, welcome follow us back.

hope to see you at our week 11 potluck tonight.
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any poems are welcome,
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Jingle Poetry said...

best wishes 4 u.
beautiful poem,
love your insights ...