Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yellow Hue

Yellow is the color of sun rays and moon beams.
It’s happiness and bright days, puppies,
buttercups, bananas, butter cookies and lemons
in your tea for a bit of tang. Yellow was my

son’s favorite color, a spiritual color now
that permeates and changes you. Yellow rescues,
you can’t be sad when surrounded
by the color yellow.

It’s the color of old love letters from fourty years
ago, ragged and torn from the readings, placed on
the top shelf in a worn oak box with the newer notes,
too. Yellow turns

everything in it’s shadow to a golden hue,
something unexpected and uplifting. It’s
the changing color of autumn that quenches
heat soaked Florida summers.

is the color of life lived with gladness.


Mary said...

Judy, your poem is wonderful really. I love 'the color of old love letters...' and 'the color of life lived with gladness.' Truly, yellow would not be my choice, but I see why it is yours!

Anonymous said...

Reading your poem I could almost be persuaded to pick yellow too... :)

Diane T said...

Hey, we have yellow in our family room. I am so cheery in that room. My family always had a yellow kitchen. I am glad to hear of Brian's favorite color. A sunny and cheerful poem indeed.

irene said...

How well said! Yellow is gladness indeed.

Linda said...

Yellow reminds me of warm summer days. Lovely images for yellow.

Jingle said...

beautiful piece.

Elizabeth said...

Your poem, like the color you chose is uplifting and brings a smile. Especially like the color of old love letters.


neil reid said...

Oh that line, "It’s the color of old love letters from fourty years ago"! Worth the price of admission all by itself. And I do relate. I can feel the letters in my hand. Lovely. Thank you for this poem.

Willow said...

Beautiful poem full of warm, wonderful imagery, surrounded by loving spirit that makes you glad.

Victoria said...

I agree with others abpout the old love letters being an unexpected and lovely yellow surprise - and the golden hue filtered through yellow - a life lived with joy - I like the contrast in the poem, the connection between the color of joy and brightness your son cherished. how it still reaches you in his absence. In a way this poem should be near the end of your grief collection.

gautami tripathy said...

You are making me love yellow!

colours lay bare my soul