Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coffee Zone

I sit here in contemplation as I write, read,
gather my thoughts, listen to the timber
of voices rise and fall around me. Life flows
here, through me and out again to others. There
is a symbiosis hard to explain to those not
enamored by the glory of life in the zone.

I hold the pottery cup in hands that soak
up warmth. Let the steam wake me up
before the coffee has its way with me.
Words will flow now from mind to fingertips
onto the bleached paper or computer screen.

I head back to Florida tomorrow. I love it
there but I will miss this place, this scene,
these smells, voices, and the cocoon
I have around me here in the Coffee Zone.


Helena Harper said...

Like this very much, Judy - the safe, comforting, cosy atmosphere of the coffee shop is wonderfully conveyed. I felt like I was there with you in the 'cocoon of the coffee zone'.


Jingle said...

love it,

love coffee smell and the atmosphere it creates.

Laurie Kolp said...

Judy- Mmm... now I want some coffee.

Mary said...

Very nice, Judy. I am surprised I didn't comment on this poem earlier. I must have been going through a bad time. Nice to discover it through "Lind-quistics." I can picture exactly the scene about which you wrote.