Monday, April 6, 2009


I miss my son
life seems like a game now
as if I were traveling towards.

I don't understand the world
what I'm supposed to feel
fear and death and problems
don't register like they did
maybe as they should.

I just keep traveling towards
and the little speed bumps
are just that, they slow me down
but I travel on towards.

I miss my grandchildren
there would a girl and a boy
they would live close
I'd be their grandma, they would
be my loves, my all
I'd have rooms decorated for them
bake cookies when they came
I'd teach them to paint and write
and see the beauty in life.
I miss my grandchildren, a girl and a boy.


Mary said...

Your second poem is so filled with yearning, Judy. It reminds me of some of my feelings of yearning -- for the blood siblings I never will have, for the biolgical children I never will have, for someone to 'look JUST like me.' Hugs of understanding to you!

Diane T said...

Another excellent response to Robert's prompts, Judy. I hope that one day, you might have those grandchildren you are already missing. There is still a possibility! I always come back to my mum's theory -- you just never know.