Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everyday Work

I work here every day at my home.
There’s never enough time, enough hours.
I write, I paint, I fix, I do, I clean,
pull weeds,trim flowers, write some more,
make contact, plan, take care of my puppy,
pick up my Little Sister once a week,
correspond, make reports, help
in the business when I have to.I attend
meetings and groups,do lunch with friends,
keep up with them on Facebook,Skywriters,
and HCC. I work out at Y every day.

I work here every day from my home
keeping up with my writers
group assignments and critiques
the church and women’s club
planning the next gathering
the next trip we will take
the next time I will go to see Mom
when it’s time to see my home in NC
When it’s time to get in the car
and go…because I can.

I work here every day at my home
I run errands, do the wash, vacuum,
bury myself in paperwork and photos,
organizer, and projects. I can’t
for the life of me figure out how
I worked outside my home all those
years and got anything done around here.
I only work one full time job now
around my home.

Judy Roney


Mary said...

And I do think your full time job you described is quite enough! I do find myself wondering now how I found time for a full time job OUTSIDE the home!

Diane T said...

You do GOOD work, Judy. You write good poetry!

Victoria said...

Definitely a full time job = the life you lead, so busy and of benefit to many.