Monday, March 23, 2009

I Want

I want to fight back
Get dolls for Christmas
Be tucked in at night
Listen to music
Sing in the house
Have sleep overs
Come home to milk and cookies
Fill full
Not be on alert
Hear I love you
Be hugged
Wear neat clothes
Have enough
Protect my brothers
Go to shows
Have two pairs of shoes
Stop crying
Feel sufficient
When I’m young
But it’s too late


Mary said...

Powerful poetry, Judy....but I want you to know it is nevet too late. NEVER.

Victoria said...

Cry from the heart. I hate that this poem is true and love the way you wrote it.

Bill said...

Sometimes people never get these things and that is a terrible sadness. Sometimes people get these things but just at different times in their lifes.

Diane B said...

Heart rending poem, Judy, and character sketch. Your chapbook is going to really be something.

Katz Scratch said...

I do so love your work....