Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Laughed Till We Cried

Laughter through Tears

We laughed until we cried
great oceans of tears
great gulps of air inhaled
so we could breath
tissues used for nose and eyes
our chests and sides ached
from the effort of laughter through sobs.

Judy Roney
February 9, 2009


I laugh as you ride away on your Harley
behind your uncle and wave at me.
Is this what it would be like to have
a son alive and following his day
out the gate behind his father. You
look back and wave again. I smile
and wave, then when you are out
of sight my laughter turns to tears
yet again I have mixed the two of you.

Judy Roney
February 10, 2009


Mary said...

Judy, what a poignant poem about Kevin. It makes me both happy AND sad. Happy that you DO have Kevin, and sad that you do NOT have Bryan in the same way.

Glenda Beall said...

Touching poem about loss and the way we often handle it.

Victoria said...

Strong poems of grief, Judy.

Lynne said...

Judy, it's simply amazing how you tap into all of your emotions in such a clear, poignant way. Sometimes when I read your poetry, I feel as though I am you. Beautiful poems, and very lovely photo.