Thursday, February 26, 2009

Skywriter Retreat-Day 1

Characters I Have Known

I’ve lived in the deep south
Michigan and Florida, the last,
a vast melting pot of people
and their cultures.

I hope to share the more colorful,
memorable, loveable, and the more
cunning of the bunch throughout my
sixty-two years of living.

Carmudgeons, characters,
loving and caring people,
crones, care-takers, those that
have made me smile, laugh,or cry
and even some I thought were evil.

Family members are fare game,
friends that come and go and those
that are forever in my life;
the beautiful people, the slobs,
even those weary of life itself.

What a wondrous canvas I have to drawn on
from the past experiences and the written
word. These years of interest in and love
for people have drawn me to all kinds, all calibers
and definitions of human and humane.

These people, alive or dead, have enriched
my life and so I assemble them here in hopes
they will touch you in some small fashion;
in the way they have touched me, for whatever
reason, they have made me more.

Judy Roney
February 26, 2009


Mary said...

Judy, you certainly have lived in a variety of places and known a variety of people. I do look forward very much to 'meeting' these people as you write about them.

Victoria said...

I love reading of your rich experience.