Thursday, December 18, 2008


Time Walks

Time walks
across my body, my face
and my mind leaving me more
sags and valleys, age spots,
varicose veins, forgetfulness,
and more time to think of the past.

Time leaves me more
flesh, creaks, pain in my
joints, memories of friends
and family long gone.

Time leaves me more
tolerance, acceptance, more
love for my fellow man,
appreciation for their
journeys and mine.

Judy Roney
December 18, 2008


Mary said...

I like this poem, Judy..... the way it begins with the negatives and ends with the positives!

Victoria said...

I love the ending - time's legacy of compassion.

Darrell said...

I love this one Judy, especially since that video/slideshow I just sent out was set to the song, "TIME" by the Alan Parsons Project. I too have been very mindful of time lately. And then yesterday, Avery was looking at pictures of me from a few years ago, and she said I look old now. OUCH!!! I said, "Well, I'm only a few years older than I was when those pictures were taken." She said, "Well, your beard is all white now, and you're fatter." Don't you love the innocence of the little ones? And to make matters worse, she was laughing as she said this! Thank God I'm fatter than I was then, because that fat gives me thicker skin to deal with such heavy blows from my beautiful little girl...

Judy said...

I've been meaning to respond to your post, Darrell. I can feel your pain when Avery said you look old now. LOL Children's concept of age is different than ours of course, but it shocks us just the same.
My story of "out of the mouth of babes" is that I used to tell Jeni each time I put her to bed for the night that if God lined up all the little girls in the whole wide world and said, "Judy, you can choose any little girl you want. , Jeni, I'd pick YOU!". She'd smile ear to ear when she probably couldn't even understand the words.
One time before I had a chance to tell her how precious she was to me, she said, "Mommy, if God lined up all the mommies in the whole wide world and said, Jeni, you can have any mommie you want, Mommie, I'd pick Cher!". I don't know how long it took me to get over that. She explained that Cher was beautiful and thin and young. (I was 30!)Well, that took my breath away I can tell you. LOL
Merry Christmas to you, Mary, and your four little ones. May they only say wonderful things about you in the coming year. LOL