Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Poem and Painting I Did About My Brothers

As the credits roll...

At the end of this movie I dreamt
I was a raven soaring in the Wild West at dusk
And you were all cowboys in the glow of the fire.

The sunset was the color of sockeye salmon
And the mountains looked like paintings
In deep brushstrokes of crimson and alizarin.

I said you are heroes and you can ride
Into that sunset one day, tall upon your horse
For you have forged the gulfs and scaled the tops.

I said you could have done worse, much worse
With the legacy you were given but
You found your way in that cowboy scene.

I said just outside the frame right now
There are wives, girlfriends, a mom, children
And loved ones who tell the tale.

Of five cowboys around a campfire
Five brothers illuminated by flames
Who can smile and laugh at the end of day.

As their names roll by on the screen
Directed by, produced, and written by
Robert, Wayne, Alvin, David & Mike……….

Judy Roney


Victoria said...

I've heard about this painting before Judy, but I don't think I've seen it. WOW!!!!!! The colors and the circling of the brothers just blow me away. Indeed they are heroes.

Mary said...

We feel honored to have q gliclee of this painting in our family room..it fits right in with our colors there....just love it, also love the poem about your 'cowboy' brothers!

Peggy said...

I love this poem about your brothers Judy and the painting is stunning. The colors are fantastic! I had almost forgotten how rich this painting is--I hope your remaining brothers will read this and love it too. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sentiment...rich and textured. Vb

Jingle said...

well expressed sentiments.