Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Love Story

One thought here, I am posting all of these poems in draft stage. They require much more work and I realize that.
Bill's sister, Theresa, died in 2005. This is what I wrote and what Bill read at her funeral. She was such a bright light and we miss her so much. I can't imagine what it is like for her husband, her children, and her grandchildren whom she loved so much. She had so much to live for but we don't get to choose.
I did not intend for this to be a mourning board and I promise it will not. Its just that theme of loss and grief that has brought all this about. I had not realized that I had so many writings of people who have passed on.
I have one more, Bill's Mother, that is so hard to even get to. I still miss her so much. She just had a birthday and it was hard to go through that day even though its been many years. That's for another day, though. Its hard for me to go her poems though. I often think that we did not have the chance to mourn Mother because Brian died so soon after she did.
Back to Theresa. She was a gem. She could make us laugh till we cried. She could also show such compassion and empathy. She was so much fun. We miss her.


I honor you today, Theresa, as I remember your life
your deep belief in God and how it sustained you
your love for your husband, Al, and your union and solidarity
your gentle, abiding love for your children and grands,always evident
how you cared for us all and loved us unconditionally.

I honor you today, Theresa, and remember what made you unique.
Your laughter and your outlook on life, your wit and humor
how you made us all laugh, sometimes till we cried.
I can see you with panties on your head and that mischievous look.
You make me laugh today with thoughts of you, even though I want to cry.

I honor you today, Theresa, and the gifts you gave each of us
your generosity of spirit touched me, it always will.
Even when the cancer took over your body and brought us to our knees
you’d say “well, what can you do. You can laugh or cry.”
I’ll always remember that you laughed most of the time.

I honor you today, Theresa, for giving us that one last gift
you showed us how to die with grace and dignity
you gave us the gift of saying it was OK
that you had had a good life and you were ready
that is the most precious gift of all to me.

I honor you today, Theresa, a light in my life gone dim
I feel your presence in my grief and in my silent times,
in the wind that touches my face and the beauty of the sunrise.
tonight I’ll search the heavens and look for the star
that outshines all the rest and I’ll think of you with love.

Judy Roney
December 2005


Sue said...

Judy...this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

Judy, I am glad you are posting your mourning poems here, draft stage or not. They are a place to save them and to share them; and with this poem you HAVE honored Theresa and your memories of her.

(Wondering if you have a photo of her you could share here)

Victoria said...

I really appreciate this poem of the model of facing death with grace.

Judy said...

Thanks for asking about the photo, Mary. I found one of Theresa and now I am on a search for one of Richard and Billie. I don't have one so I've put in a call to his kids. That would be great to have.

Mary said...

So nice to see you have now added a photo, Judy! She definitely looks like a special person!