Monday, November 17, 2008

PAD 8 - Fact Poem


Life goes on
a merry-go-round
of happenings
life affirming.

When tragedy strikes
our own world ceases
Its unfathomable that
others go on with
daily life things.

The world keeps turning
with or without us
there’s never a hault,
a pause so we can catch our
breathe or re-figure things
so they make sense again.

The most we can hope for
those of us who greive,
who have an added trauma
of loss of child, loss to
suicide or murder, unexpected
loss,is that we will hop back
on the spinning sphere of
life when we are able.

The world goes round
but there are hands
reaching out to help
us back on board. The
world doesn’t stop
revolving but we can
get back on with help
our friends,our families
professionals,all reaching
out when we can see clearly
again. Grab on when you can.

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