Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PAD 24 - Hopeless or Blues Poem

Hopeless or Blues Poem

Tortured Soul

I'll never know why
I know that now
why my son chose to take his own life.

I watch my husband in grief
My daughter despair
I stand and I look and I cry.

Each day I still hope
for relief from this pain
that penetrates down to my core.

Each morning I awake
from a nightmare night
and then he’s dead all over again.

Each hour brings the knife
cutting my heart out
one tiny sliver at a time.

I’ll bow my head now
in submission and grief
I’m too tired to fight anymore.

You see I’m not human
just a cavern of pain
a tortured soul with no where to go.

Judy Roney
Nov 24, 2008


Peggy said...

So much insight Judy. You just seem to have an endless well of very powerful works to pull out of your heart--and they do indeed feel like the come from your heart. Write on! Hugs

Mary said...

I understand, Judy, the grief does not go away. This poem really expresses that in an intense way, no words spared.

Victoria said...

"and then he's dead all over again" I know. I know.