Monday, November 17, 2008

PAD 10 - Survival Of The Fittest Poem

Survival of the Fittest

Dad, you held me down
whipped me with your
truck drivers’ belt
looked at me with contempt
took my innocence and
childhood, no, not quite
you never gave me that
childhood, you were
too busy living your own.

Dad, you broke my
spirit, you won, I felt
like a roach unfit to
inhabit the earth
not able to be human though
not willing to be an animal yet.

Before your death you said
you loved me, you said I was
special, I cried and so did you.
I thank you for that, for trying
to explain.You asked me to
forgive you and I did. Now I win.

Judy Roney
November 10, 2008

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