Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 4

write a "soap box" poem on your theme.

I Hear/I Say

How long ago did he die? Shouldn’t
you be over this by now? Don’t cry

he wouldn’t want you to suffer
you have to get over this

you talk about him too much,
you drive everyone from you

the only one to help you through
this is God, turn to him

smile, don’t act so sad all the time,
you have to be strong for your family

let's get together when you are feeling
better, give me a call

I didn't want to bring him up
I didn't want to make you sad

My truth is I have to cry and scream
be sad and talk as much as I need to

when I have a choice, I will make the one to live
more fully, when I don’t, I will grieve in my way

be around those who will allow me to talk about
him when I need to, who will say his name

don’t allow words or lack of words to anger me
know that people are doing the best they can

This is the hardest work I will do and I have to
take care of myself, eat right, exercise, get a check-up

go to a therapist. accept any act of kindness that
comes my way with grace and thankfulness.

I won’t let anyone make me feel I’m not doing my
best, I have my own yard stick, I make the rules

stop the mind racing with a word..Stop!, grasp and
hold on to those moments that don’t include his death

those moments have grown to days and for now I will
honor him and this process so I can become whole again.

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