Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nov 2

write a declaration poem: that is, a poem that makes a statement about your theme. A good way to attack this poem may be to write it in the voice of an imagined person or a real person who is not yourself.

“Iris Bolton”

I don’t know why
I’ll never know why
I don’t have to know why
I don’t like it
I don’t have to like it
What I do have to do is

make a choice about
living. Why? Why not.
Weary, I travel through
each day and pray
I won’t be destroyed
won’t destroy others by
my grief. A choice to

live is the choice I
make each day and as time
goes on I advance to choices
that make my life more than
existence. Forgetting myself

at times I even reach for
joy before life dawns on me
again. In infinitesimal increments
I move through another passage
I’m Indiana Jones effeminate

dodging spears and casualties
as I make my way to a new dawn
striped of any resemblance of the
woman I was, transformed into an
enigma even to myself.

Judy Roney

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