Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Poetry Blog

Welcome to my poetry blog.
I found it difficult to combine my poetry and my journal style writings so this seems like a good way to handle both.
For this month I am following prompts from Robert's blog on Writer's Digest. He is hosting a Poem A Day through this month. The twist is that we were to choose a theme for our poetry and write all our poetry this month with that theme in mind. I choose to write about loss so my poetry will reflect that subject.
I hope you will check back often and that you will comment some times. I enjoy seeing that people are reading and hearing their thoughts.


Mary said...

Ah, Judy, glad you decided to separate your writings and have a poetry blog and a life blog.(That is what I do, and it works for me.) I enjoy both kinds of your writing and will be reading, and commenting, both! Good writing!

SeaStar said...

I'll be reading here too Judy, and commenting. I don't seem to want to pull my blogs apart into poems and journaling - but it works for me well when others do.